PAGE – Poetry Appreciation Group Experience, was formed in November 2010, with the aim of gathering together those with an interest in poetry. The majority of members write poetry, although there is also a significant number for whom PAGE serves simply to provide a means of sharing this common enjoyment.

Membership was drawn mainly from friends and writers living in France and England, linked through the internet for quick and easy correspondence. More recently, however, membership has extended further overseas to America, with PAGE having assumed a more international status. This has resulted in a greater variety of poetry and mix of cultures.

Some occasional meetings are held to promote the exchange of ideas and reading of poetry, although clearly not all members are able to attend these gatherings at our home in France. Contact between members, therefore, is mainly by means of “chapter & verse”, a monthly magazine issued free to all members of PAGE. This publication includes illustrated poems and workshop comments, as well as a regular news update on activities.

During 2013, “chapter & verse” published 478 poems from 49 poets. This compared with 274 poems from 28 poets during 2012, a measure perhaps of the recent rapid expansion in membership and interest during the past year. Membership includes all ages, from young writers under the age of 10, to our two oldest members at 98 and 100.

Traditionally, an annual anthology of selected poems is published. This is done partly to “showcase” the high standard of poems from members, but also in the hope that this publicity may assist in a continuing increase in membership of PAGE.

Membership is free and anyone interested in joining PAGE is asked simply to contact Geoff Evans for further details