Conversation Exchange

With thanks to my willing, bilingual coordinators for their time in preparation and their participation with an enthusiastic, diverse bunch who enjoy activities, conversation and integration in an informal, relaxed atmosphere interspersed with much humour and goodwill.

* Leadership from two fluent French/English speakers, plus Jeanie hosting!
* Each session is themed to allow preparation by the coordinators leading each session, and used to give structure.
* There will be activities, games and quizzes.
* Smaller groups of 3-4 will peel off, with the additional option of one to one conversation if preferred.
* As a conversation class this will also include practice of the accent, colloquial phrases and basic language rules.
* As the sessions progress it is hoped that individuals will find a personal mentor who they can work with privately.

It is expected that all attendees help each other and respect other’s levels and learning styles.

Suggestions made on how to help oneself;
* Listen to French music & radio.
* Watch French TV, use subtitles if needed.
* Keep the Bescherelle conjugation  book handy. You can buy it from Amazon Fr by clicking here.
* Download the free DuoLingo app or click here to be taken to the DuoLingo website .
* Listen to the Coffee Break French podcast on iTunes, or click here to check out season one of Coffee Break French.

To make these sessions as constructive as possible we need French speaking individuals to enhance the group.

All are welcome! Hijack your friends & neighbours and spread the word!

For further information, such as location, theme & date of next session, please email: